Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making of : Marivel Armitage of Wild Arms 2 (part #001) - The Vampiric Eyes

I decided to launch my self into a long term project of making a cosplay of a character I like a lot, Marivel Armitage from the PlayStation One game Wild Arms 2.

This projet main difficulty is the lack of reference picture available for that character. As she is an optional character that you can recruit toward the end of the game, she seams like she was added to game at the last minute. Her abilities are unbalanced and everything so, that's why she is not so popular... and I think that's one of the reason why she's so awesome!

I'm going to be writing about how I'm planning, making and gathering materials for this costume for future reference. This is going to be lot's of fun!

Accessories (A.K.A the stuff I can't make by myself)

First of, Marivel's character is a Crimson Noble. It's some kind of race in the Wild Arms series that much resemble vampires (were going to say cute type of anime style vampires here not to upset anyone, ahaha). Through out the games where Marivel is present, as she makes a cameo apperence in Wild Arms 3 and 5, I think, she is depicted (or, described) as being red-eyed pale-skinned. This means, it's time for contact lenses shopping!

But first I had to make sure to chose the right color which is not an easy job. As we can see in the very few official character arts and up-close screen shot available on the net, the color of her eye appears to be to be quite different!

They really look like they are pink with some red color into it. Not bright red. So I decided to sacrifice a bit of money and to get both pink and red circle lenses. The only place I could find that had these two colors in my wierd prescription was Pinky Paradise. I'm so myopic, it's epic. Minus 8 in my right eye and minus 8,5 in the left. I looked at the Halloween section of some specialty contact lenses store for red contacts but most of them don't stock on anything over minus 6 or 7. And circle lenses store have stuff for at least minus 8 to 10. So, one piece of robot to them.

I got both Dolly + Red and E.O.S. New Adult Pink. I'll try them on and see that looks best with my blue eye (as, most circle lenses look much better on most dark brown eye in general). Reviews to come!

Yep, a new blog.

So, hi there, I'm starting a new blog again! But this time, I will focus this on my different sewing projects for LARP, cosplay, vintage sewing or and maybe even everyday clothes.

As my sewing room got disassembled after hurricaine Irene decided to flood my basement, I will most probably be unable to post about actual in-progress sewing projects for the next few months. As all my sewing machines, materials and stuff are packed and unaccessible for now. It breaks my heart!...

For now, I'll use this blog as a personal journal to keep track in my future cosplay and LARP plans.

Now let's start making plan for grandiose costumes! *cross fingers*